A giant perforated meckel’s diverticulum with daughter and Grand-daughter diverticula treated by VAC therapy: A case report. Slywan journal 2014;158(10):21-7.

15.05.2016 17:29

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Meckel’s diverticulum (MD) results from incomplete involution of the proximal portion of the vitelline duct. Meckel’s diverticulum (MD) is considered the most common congenital anomaly of the gastrointestinal tract. Most cases are asymptomatic, It may result in a number of complications including hemorrhage, obstruction, and inflammation. While MD range changes in size from 1-10 cm, cases of giant MD (≥ 5 cm) are relatively rare and associated with more severe forms of the complications. The correct diagnosis of complicated MD before surgery is often difficult because this condition may mimic other acute abdominal pathologies. Delay in the diagnosis of a complicated MD may lead to significant morbidity and mortality. \nIn this case we describe a very rare case of perforated gangrenous giant MD with daughter and grand-daughter diverticula which was treated by the help of VAC therapy (Vacuum assisted closure ®, KCI, San Antonio, TX, USA).